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Eider down

Luxury as you sleep, honed to perfection
Precious eiderdown duvets are a billerbeck Schweiz speciality, produced under the DAUNY name.

We are passionate about eiderdown
We are proud to belong to the leading producers of the finest eiderdown duvets and pillows in the world.  
We use only the very finest Icelandic eiderdown direct from Iceland. This is then sorted and cleaned by hand in a process that demands many hours of dedicated handwork before being wrapped in the noblest silk or finest batiste to find its way to our clients.

These masterpieces are handcrafted exclusively in our Swiss atelier in an elaborate and traditional process and then sold in over 30 countries worldwide.

Our passion
A carefully selected team of experienced seamstresses sew, fill and check each and every eiderdown duvet with loving attention to detail. The diagonal band with the Dauny brand name and the accompanying quality certificate are your guarantee of the most exclusive and extraordinary luxury known to sleep - and all from the hand of nature.
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Eiderdown and silk 
Nothing that humans can create comes close to the natural wonders produced by animals such as eider ducks and silkworms. Anyone who has ever fallen slowly to sleep surrounded by the cosy comfort of eiderdown combined with natural silk will appreciate that nature and nature alone is capable of providing such glorious sleep quality.

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Eider ducks
Eider ducks live in the most inhospitable of landscapes. The naked chicks have to survive the bitterly cold polar storms that rage around them. But of all young chicks, eider duck chicks are raised in the cosiest of surroundings.
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