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Eider Soft Plus Champagne – The pillow with a noble touch

If you want to pamper yourself with something very special, then a pillow with an eiderdown filling is the perfect choice. It is particularly soft and cuddly but still supportive. The secret: a core made of snugly goose down and supple goose feathers surrounded by a warm and cosy layer of eiderdown. A very luxurious, comfortable and gently supportive pillow.


The noblest possible filling for a duvet. No high tech filling will ever replicate this effect. It gently warms whilst removing the moisture produced by the body. The duvet is very light and covers the body like a breath of warming air. 1000 down feathers weigh just 1 gram! Unrivalled comfort while you sleep (even for those who have problems sleeping). Eiderdown is less suitable for those who tend to perspire profusely.

Eider Soft Plus Champagne
Level of support
Warmth scale

Level of support: soft
Soft, smooth pillow


Outer: 100% Icelandic eiderdown gently washed by hand and disinfected in a steam bath and then sorted by hand. Class I (European norm).
Inner: 90% new goose down, silver. 10% small silver feathers. Class I (European norm).


100% silk, particularly fine satin made from mulberry silk.Crêpe satin in plain champagne.

Pillow with pure Eiderdown
Inner: 90% pure, new goose down
Outer: 100% Icelandic eiderdown

Produced for you in Switzerland with the utmost care