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Wet cleaning (Laundry service)

Laundry service for all types of bedding
The billerbeck laundry service ... for wonderfully clean duvets and pillows.

Bedding should be washed once a year. We are happy to provide this laundry service for you. The billerbeck laundry service guarantees optimum hygiene as you sleep. We work to the highest standards. Your duvets and pillows will be just like new and each night’s sleep more relaxing than ever, and the whole process is environmentally friendly, thorough and without any chemical solvents. This new technique is suitable, in principle, for textiles that until now could only be dry cleaned or not cleaned at all.

The following materials can be cleaned:

  • Down duvets and pillows
  • Fibre duvets and pillows
  • Mattress protectors and covers
  • Water bed linen
  • Bedspreads
  • Blankets
  • Sleeping bags

You can either bring your duvet to your nearest billerbeck partner (see list of Retailer) or to our Factory outlet directly.

Bedding is washed with the following reservations:

  • The duvet should not be too dirty or the filling too worn. We reserve the right, at our professional discretion, to decide whether and how the washing and drying should take place.
  • A slight shrinking of the covering material is unavoidable and must be accepted.
  • We are not responsible for any damages resulting from hidden defects or conditions.
  • Any damage caused by our negligence will be compensated according to the current value of the duvet.